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"Writing, and plot specifically, can be almost universally defined as people being miserable in interesting ways."
— Admin C

Catching Fire + faceless



Brrr, you two have some warming up to do before showtime.


The Colour of Heartbreak - Update!



She laughed then at his words, and it was a musical, joyous thing to hear. The sight of Miss Everdeen smiling—and this was a genuine smile, not one tinged with sadness or regret—made her beauty shine all the more. Wearing her dress of flames, smiling at his words, she became as radiant as the sun. His hand gently cupped her chin and he leant in towards her, pressing his lips to the corner of her smile, before he enveloped her in his arms and rested his forehead against hers. “This is how I wish to see you,” he whispered to her. “How I should like to remember you. Smiling. Laughing. Always.”

“Then try,” she whispered back. “Try and remember.”

Chapter 8 of The Colour of Heartbreak is now up on FFnet!

"Oh Joffrey. If there was only someone out there who loved you."
— everyone (via makingfunofthestarks)

Beta Offer


Mystic Venom 

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tolkien, Dan and Phil, The Hunger Games, Original Fiction, bandoms (MCR, P!ATD, FOB, 30STM), Individuals in the above fandoms (real life or not)

Dos: Everything but…

Don’ts: MPreg, Suicide, Self-harm, Character Death


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